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三重磨刀槽設計 增加剪刀磨口 一步到位 鋒利如新
易握手柄設計 符合人體工學
矽膠底座 安全防滑 安全省力

材質: ABS、TPR、不鏽鋼、鎢鋼、金剛砂、陶瓷棒
尺寸:23*5.8*8.5cm (上述尺寸為人工測量+_5%誤差為正常範圍)

1.    此款磨刀器不適用於鋸齒刀
2.    請勿將磨刀器放入洗碗機或水中,保持乾燥清潔
3.    磨刀器雖都有安全防護設計,但在操作時還請謹慎小心
4.    請勿重摔或高處掉落,以免商品損壞 
5.    磨刀時不能用力過大,以免損傷及刀刃
6.    請勿接近高溫或勿近火源處,以免商品受損
7.    磨刀器及刀具請勿放於兒童容易觸及的地方,避免意外

diseno 四合一磨刀器

HK$129.00 一般價格
  • 物品名稱 / Item Name

    diseno 4-in-1 Knife Sharpening System

  • 詳細資料 / Details

    This knife sharpener works great on all types of non-serrated knives. It is very easy to use on a number of knife designs and is very sturdy and durable. 

    For scissors: Use stage 1 by opening the scissors and inserting them into the slot. Steadily hold the sharpener and complete a smooth sharpening motion for 5-7 times.
    For steel knivesPlace the knife in stage 2 and sharpen 3-5 time, pulling towards you only. Repeat in stage 3 and 4 for a more defined finish.


    Type: Knife Sharpeners
    Metal Type: Diamond coated Tungsten steel
    Suitable for: kitchen knives and scissors
    Special Functions: 3 stages to get the best knife edge for your specific blade
    Bottom material: Non-slip cushion bottom
    Handle material: silicone

  • 尺寸 / Dimension

    23.5cm x 8.5cm