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  • 階段1: 先把酒經不鏽鋼隔網倒進充氣器,以阻隔沉澱物走進充氣器內。
  • 階段2: 這時候紅酒會經充氣器內的細孔慢慢進入特別設計的玻璃球體內,進行另一個充氧步驟。
  • 階段3: 紅酒經充氣器縲旋形出酒位上的細孔,向醒酒器的瓶邊射出,一個無可媲美的充氧過程。

Final Touch 螺旋玻璃充氣器

庫存單位: WDA918
HK$398.00 一般價格
  • 物品名稱 / Item Name

    Final Touch Glass Twister Aerator

  • 詳細資料 / Details

    Simply insert directly into your decanter, then pour your wine through and serve.

    Instantly oxygenate your wine; no need to wait for wine to breathe in an open bottle or decanter. The unique 3 phase aeration and oxygenation system provides up to twice as much scent and flavour compared to serving from a bottle or traditional decanter.

    • Phase 1: The process begins by pouring the wine through the stainless steel filter, catching sediment while disbursing into the aerator.
    • Phase 2: The wine is gently disbursed again, this time through holes in the aerator into a specially designed globe, providing a new aeration phase.
    • Phase 3: The wine continues into the bottom of the aerator and travels strategically out and onto the sides of the decanter providing superior aeration and oxygenation.
    Finally, the wine comes to rest in the decanter ending the journey bursting with flavour and scent.
  • 套裝包括 / Set includes

    • Stainless steel sediment filter x 1
    • Glass Twister aerator x 1
    • Glass aerator adapter for decanters with slanted spout x 1
    • Stainless steel storage & drying stand x 1
  • 尺寸 / Dimension

    • Stainless steel filter:7cm(Ø) x 2.7cm(H)
    • Aerator: 9.1cm(Ø) x 16.5cm(H)
    • Adapter: 7.1cm(Ø) x 5.2cm(H)
    • Stainless steel drying stand: 12cm(Ø) x 14cm(H)