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Flat 01, 8/F, 49 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

香港 九龍 觀塘 駿業街49號 佳貿中心 8樓 801室

烘焙食物時,常需要攪打蛋、麵粉、奶油和巧克力等,打蛋器是不可缺的工具。超效率波浪打蛋器為專利設計,波浪狀攪拌條大大提升攪拌的效率,並減少攪打的時間。五條的不鏽鋼攪拌條都以軟性矽膠包覆,避免刮傷鍋子,也可耐高溫至 300 度C。鏡亮不鏽鋼手把的,尾端有吊掛孔,收便收納不佔空間。

Cuisipro 300度矽膠省力扭紋形打蛋器 - 紅細

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  • 物品名稱 / Item Name

    Cuisipro Silicone Twist Egg Whisk - Red Small

  • 詳細資料 / Details

    The Twist Whisk's silicone-wrapped wires are twisted like a strand of licorice candy. This unique shape creates more movement of air while mixing, allowing for more efficient blending. Increasing efficiency means fewer strokes, which will reduce mixing and whipping time.

    • A versatile whisk that is ideal for beating eggs, creams, sauces and batters.
    • More efficient for better results faster.
    • Heat-resistant to 575°F/300°C.
    • Won't scratch ceramic, metal and non-stick cookware.
    • Hangs easily from eyelet.
    • Sealed cap prevents food from getting trapped in the ends of the wires.
    • Dishwasher safe top shelf.
    • US PAT NO 6454456/6257752
      UK NO GB2375720
      DE UM 201 21 471.7
      International patents pending
  • 物品特色 / Features

    Shape whisks combine the beauty of stainless steel and non-scratch benefits of silicone wire whisks with the distinct advantage of increasing efficiency and function over conventional whisks. Any cook who frequently is whisking will appreciate the speed and efficiency the shape whisks add to the task.

  • 尺寸 / Dimension

    10”/25.4 cm