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Flat 01, 8/F, 49 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

香港 九龍 觀塘 駿業街49號 佳貿中心 8樓 801室

水果的大小尺寸各異,榨出有果肉的果汁和純果汁的方法也各有不同,輕鬆擠榨汁器的卓越設計,能一次解決您的煩惱。輕鬆擠榨汁器有兩個大小尺寸的榨汁器,大的適合葡萄柚等較大顆的水果,小的適合柳橙、檸檬等小顆水果,小榨汁器位於黃色的果肉篩選器上,要更換時,只要將大榨汁器套在小榨汁器上即可。果肉篩選器有兩種尺寸的縫隙,可以決定流到量杯的果汁有無果肉,只要將需要的縫隙朝下即可。人體工學 45 度榨汁斜角與握把設計,讓您輕鬆榨汁不費力,底下的量杯有 250 ml的容量,斷水設計的杯嘴讓您輕鬆將果汁倒出,量杯下方還有防滑矽膠圈,方便施力的同時,也避免刮傷桌面。美感與功能兼具的輕鬆擠榨汁器是您廚房的好幫手。可放入洗碗機內清洗。

Cuisipro 輕鬆榨汁器

庫存單位: 747157
  • 物品名稱 / Item Name

    Cuisipro Citrus Juicer

  • 詳細資料 / Details

    Today's home chef demands tools that deliver consistent, superior performance with every use. Cuisipro tools have been created to perform specific tasks with precision and ease while always providing the finest results. Cuisipro's new and improved Citrus Juicer is set at an optimal angle to extract fresh juice with little effort. The juicer base is a clear, angled measuring cup and the unit includes two reamers: one size for lemons, limes and small oranges, and another for large oranges and grapefruits. In addition, the pulp selector allows you to choose what goes through the sieve: no pulp or seeds, a little pulp or a lot of pulp. The clear plastic cup has marked measurements and holds up to one cup. Top shelf dishwasher safe.

  • 物品特色 / Features

    • Citrus Juicer comes with an angled measuring cup, pulp selector and two reamers.
    • Pulp selector catches seeds and allows user to choose full- pulp to pulp free
    • Two sizes of reamers: one for lemons and limes, another for oranges and grapefruit
    • Juicer is angled so reamer can cut through pulp and fibrous tissue and extract juice with less pressure
    • Top shelf dishwasher safe
  • 尺寸 / Dimension

    20 cm x 14.5 cm x 15 cm