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Flat 01, 8/F, 49 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

香港 九龍 觀塘 駿業街49號 佳貿中心 8樓 801室

本商品一件入、容量約 1000ml (4 cups)、適用洗碗機。飲食要健康是樂活的一大關鍵,分離隔油杯可將多餘的油輕鬆去除。以量杯和耐熱濾網兩元件構成,濾網可先過濾高湯中的食材,讓湯體先注入。因為油的比重較低,所以湯汁靜置少許時間,油漬便會浮游在上方形成油層;此時您只需按壓側邊的鈕即可開啟下方孔洞,順利流出所需的清澈高湯,將最上層的油層留在杯中。透明杯上有容量刻度,平時也可當量杯使用,共有 cup、oz、ml 三種單位。可拆卸,清洗更方便。BPA Free 為您健康把關。

Cuisipro 1公升隔油壺/杯(第二代)

庫存單位: 747301
  • 物品名稱 / Item Name

    Cuisipro Deluxe Fat Separator (1L)

  • 詳細資料 / Details

    Create healthier sauces by separating the fat from the sauce. The “Easy Drain” feature easily separates fat from sauce

    • Made of see-through, durable and heat resistant Tritan material
    • “Easy Drain” feature, it drains from the bottom so only fats are drained
    • 4 cup/1 L capacity
    • Easy to disassemble and clean - Dishwasher safe
    • Oversized straining basket
    • Built in measurements indicator
  • 物品特色 / Features

    How to Use:

    1. Pour sauce into separator through straining basket.
    2. Wait for fat to rise to the top.
    3. Press down on red lever to lift plug and release sauce.
    4. Release lever when fat line reaches the bottom.
    5. To disassemble, hold handle firmly and turn Tritan base clockwise.
  • 尺寸 / Dimension

    4 cup/ 1L (320z/1000ml)